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Brand Standards

anneli.marks 14 May 0 Comments

The four reasons for establishing brand standards are:


It will be easy to recognize a brand and therefore brand can become well known. It is very un-professional if each time on the marketing and sales materials, the logo and graphics have no relation to one another. One might even get confused if it is actually the same brand.


Brands are built to last. By establishing set of standards, it helps to ensure it will just do so. Every time the standards are broken, the brand equity is lost. A strict set of brand standards will help a company to hold the value in it`s brand for many years to come.


When company starts collaborating with marketing agencies or graphic designers, set of brand standards must be handed out. If a brand does not have set of rules to give as a guide, it`s unreasonable to expect the desired outcome.


Brand is not just the building and the logo, it is all the trials and errors, experiences and ideas. Set of standards is everything that was learned and turned into rules. If a brand does not establish set of standards then everything that was learned goes missing over time. Owners retire, management and employees change, standards must sustain.

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