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Four Brand Benefits

anneli.marks 1 March 0 Comments

Which type of brand benefits does your business have? Here are four types of brand benefits:


1.Functional. This benefit explores which kind of benefits your product or service features have. For example, it could be:

Convenience. The product is comfortable to use and easy to transport.

Speed. In case of a computer – it powers up quickly, or in case of internet provider, it has speediest internet compared to other providers.

Economical. The service helps to save money or perhaps is the cheapest on market yet providing same features as competitors.


2.Emotional. This benefit considers how the consumers feels about your brand. For example: a beauty brand that doesn’t test on animals and is fully organic – consumers will feel good about themselves for using it.


3.Self-expressive. This benefit explores what does the users think that it expresses about them selves for being associated with your brand. If we take Apple as an example, it expresses that the user likes quality products, are willing to spend more, love innovation and appreciate aesthetics.


4.Consumer benefits. This benefit examines what kind of value consumer want from your product or service. Let`s look at example of healthy cookies – the target group is people who work out and are considerate about the food they eat but have a weakness – sweets. By providing healthy cookies, the consumers benefit by getting their cravings satisfied guilt free, while maintaining the confidence and control over what they eat.

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