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Mere-Exposure Effect tips in marketing

anneli.marks 29 October 0 Comments

We have all experienced that warm feeling that makes us feel comfortable, when recognising something or someone. This is the Mere-Exposure Effect studied by social psychologist Robert Zajonc.

Merely because we see something more often, we like it more. His studies showed that people meet new things with fear but respond more favourably to new concepts as they become more familiar.

Successful businesses have managed to use this to their advantage and attract customers. It is used to create positive feelings towards brand or product through large-scale saturation campaigns.


1.Familiar website

If website resembles of some other known and great websites, it has a higher success rate, simply because people feel comfortable visiting it. People will not appreciate instantly a unique web design, especially if the layout and feature placement is new. If the site is web shop, most of people would get frustrated through out the buying process and quit when they can`t easily reach checkout.


  • General layout should be similar to other websites
  • Placement of familiar features should be similar to other websites
  • Checkout processes should be similar to other websites


2. Feature your Unique Selling Proposition

The more you feature and talk about your USP, the more familiar your audience will become. Therefore, the more appealing it will become.


  • Say it always in same words, for people to remember it and repeat it in their network
  • Repeat your USP as a mantra across all marketing channels


3. Rule of 7

The rule of seven quite simply states that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place.  It’s a marketing maxim developed by the movie industry in the 1930s. Today, without well-defined marketing strategy map of how to interact with the prospect at least 7 times in digital marketing platforms, the odds of being heard over all the clutter that is in people`s Newsfeed, is pretty slim. People don`t want to be sold to, but instead seek content that brings value.


  • Develop branded, easily recognizable look that stands out in new`s feed
  • Develop thoughtful content plan for Social Media, that is meaningful and valuable 

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