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Brand Guide Benefits

anneli.marks 14 May 0 Comments

In everything we do, we start with why. Let`s look then why it is important that an organization spends valuable time on development of Brand Guide and what are the benefits. The brand guide is for the management team, the employees, new employees and customers. A good brand guide helps management team to have clarity and focus in why are they doing what they do and how are they doing it As for employees, brand guide gives in-depth understanding of the company, it also works as motivation and direction. It is quite surprising how many employees only know the job they are supposed to be doing and not much about the goals, strategy or the customer. Good brand guide will unite it`s employees to the brand and the management team. As for newly hired employees, it could be handed out on their first day. This would significantly decrease the settling-in time period. Lastly, for the customers, this will increase their trust and loyalty. All in all, a good brand guide will lead organization to it`s ultimate goal: perhaps it is to increase market share, increase revenue or simply for saving time and money. Whatever the goal is – a good, comprehensive Brand Guide will lead to it.

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