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Social Media Advertising

We will help you with development and management of social media advertisements. With our expertise we can identify which social media platforms are the most effective to advertise on for your business. For assuring the effectiveness of the advertisement, we will help to determine the KPI`s that are the most valuable to measure. Aside from developing Ads strategy, we help you with execution and management.

With Advertisement service you get:

  • List of platforms  and Ad forms that are the best for your business, and analysis of benefits
  • Advertisement content map with descriptions and list of most effective contents for your advertisements
  • Framework of Advertisement  KPI`s that are most valuable to measure for your business
  • Development of Advertisement (images & copywriting)
  • Management of Advertisement – monitoring and optimization
  • Transparent reporting – monthly reports
  • Sparring about realistic Ads budgets for your goals
  • Ongoing dialogue about opportunities for further development


Social Media Icons



Social Media Advertising service is for both who already has account and for who does not yet have account. If you do not have account yet, we will help you setting it up.


Our Social Media Advertisement work is done directly in your accounts, and therefore the work is your property. You have full access and full control over it. We gain no profit over your Ad spend.